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Big Day Yesterday!

Cook Inlet AK order info salmon

Hi Folks, We had a fabulous day of fishing yesterday.  The fish were everywhere and we managed to catch 1,700 sockeye salmon (plus a few of other species).  It was a big day- we even picked fish in our sleep last night! We'll do a more exciting blog post soon, but just found out that there's an Emergency Opener for fishing tomorrow.  We're headed out of the harbor in a few hours. We have reached our order goal of 100.  All new orders will go on a waitlist.  We can now confirm that our prices will be the same as last season: $9/lb for Methow, Anchorage and shipped orders (+ shipping) and $8.50/lb picked up in Homer.

The fish are beautiful!

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  • Kathy Williams on

    Hi, Sweetheart – I love hearing about your fishing adventures on your blog! You and Kyle are the best! Good luck with the fishing and be safe! People getting fish from you are SO lucky! I look forward to our order. Much love – Mom

  • Lori Hixson on

    Yeah!!!! Keep up the good work. Hope you get some sleep soon.

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