Fish by Fish

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We are fishing the day away, catching fish by fish. The last two fishing periods the fish hitting the net have come in single hits, and not big schools of fish. With about five hours of fishing left we have about 1,000 fish iced in our holds. Here are a few terms for the different ways salmon hit our gillnet.

Size categories: Singles, Bunches, Groups, Mega hits

Adjectives for a type of hit: Splashers, Bobbers, Jiggers, Tuggers, Deep V, Lead line stealth hit, Tail dancer

For example, Erick Anderson in our radio group recently announced, "Yep, it looks like I had one tugger bunch on layout."

If you can think of terms we are missing comment below to build our list!



Virginia Hoffman
Virginia Hoffman
So glad to see that you are doing so well. You both look fantastic, apparently hard work agrees with you.
David Gross
David Gross
With the jiggers and tuggers, you should also have bloggers!

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