Merry Christmas and a Mexico Recipe Inspiration

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Merry Christmas!

Out at Sea, Mexico Style We are settled down in the Methow Valley of Washington state enjoying evenings by the woodstove, sunshine, great cross country skiing and our salmon delicacies.  Every salmon fillet we thaw and eat is a reminder back to the exciting and busy summer we had on the waters of Cook Inlet.  We're also enjoying the salted silver salmon we put up and are making jars of pickled salmon as little holiday gifts. Every one who tells us just how much they love their top-notch salmon makes our outreach efforts worthwhile.  Thanks for being our customers and for appreciating our efforts and the quality of your fish! Before the start of the ski season we had a little beach get away to Mexico.  One evening we ate at a little beachfront restaurant (complete with sand fleas nibbling on our ankles and a deep magenta sunset).  Our dish was Fillete Relleno, or a stuffed fillet.  In this instance it was a white fish, that we can't translate, stuffed with shrimp and octopus, topped with a red sauce and cheese.  Here's our version of a Salmon Fillete Relleno for you to try this winter with your fillets.

Salmones Fillete Relleno Americano

-two of your thickest salmon fillets, thawed

-fresh homemade pesto or a jar of pesto

-olive oil or butter

-small wild shrimp (Alaskan ideally ;)


-shredded parmesan

Saute shrimp till partially done in olive oil or butter.  With a sharp knife make a butterfly cut into your fillet so that it opens up along one edge.  Layer pesto, shrimp and parmesan in the fillet and close.  Place in a glass baking pan and top with tomato slices and parmesan.  Bake at 350 for about 15-20 minutes, or until the white fat just begins to show.  (NEVER overcook your Scrumptious Sockeye!) If desired broil for a few minutes to crisp the top.  Enjoy and Merry Christmas.


Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?
Lori Hixson
Lori Hixson
Thanks Emily and Kyle! Sounds like a great recipe. My entire family is enjoying your fish!! Happy Christmas!

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