Ready for Orders and a May Update

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The 2012 salmon season is approaching and Small Scales Seafoods is ready to take orders!  

We're giving past customers a two week lead to get on our order list and then we'll open it up to people on our waitlist and the world at large.  Feel free to email or call to get on our lists!  We are the most limited in our Methow deliveries, have room to add some customers in Anchorage and the most room for added customers in Homer and shipped orders.  Read our Salmon Shares page and Orders page for more info.


Here's a quick update on the past months:


Kyle spent a month in Alaska working on his Uncle Frank's Chesapeake Bay Oyster Tonger, The Pixie.  The Pixie plans on fishing Upper Cook Inlet this season under Captain Tony Umlauf. 20120502-220954.jpg Homer had an epic snow year!  Kyle was pretty sure someone stole our two cars, but he later discovered that they were parked in the driveway. 20120502-221044.jpg Ernie, Emily's dad, left us two lovely, large "Spring Rots" (aka Springer Spaniel/Rotweiler) last summer.  They made the drive up the Alaskan-Canadian Highway with Kyle and are enjoying their first ever visit to the great north. 20120502-221118.jpg We had a fun road trip to California, complete with a 46km Nordic race at Mammoth Lakes and high altitude sunshine.  (Did we mention that Emily is pregnant!!  Being in her first trimester and skiing at 9,000 feet meant that this may have been her slowest, most challenging ski race ever.) 20120502-221242.jpg Enid, Kyle's sister fed us many eggs from her heritage chicken farm in California.  She collects almost 90 eggs a day! 20120502-221315.jpg We've enjoyed spring in the Methow, including a bit of backcountry, family and great friends.  Now it's a 30th birthday party on Cinco de Mayo for Emily and then we'll fly north on May 7th.

That's it for now!

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Em- Congtats to you both (takes two to tango….) and count Karen and I in on a share. Mike Pruett

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