2012 Order Details

Emily Lints
The amped up flying bridge- better for fish finding.[/caption] With a few weeks of fishing under our belts the jury is still out as to if the run is coming in small or coming in late.  We're keeping our fingers crossed for late but large!  The good news is that the fish are still super beautiful and because we are still small scale we'll still surely get all of our great customers some Scrumptious Salmon! 2012 Prices: $8.50/lb for Homer pickups, $9/lb for Methow and Anchorage pickups.  $14.95/lb (salmon, packaging and shipping included) for shipped orders of 25 pounds.  $13.65/lb (salmon, packaging and shipping included) for shipped orders of 50-150 pounds. 2012 Ship/Pickup Dates:  Our shipped orders will begin shipping out July 16th.  Homer pickups will be ready starting July 23rd.  Anchorage delivery will happen on August 3rd from 5:30-7pm at REI.  Methow pickups will be available approximately August 16th-23rd.  More orders?:  We're pretty full but have friends contact us to get on our waitlist. A few small print details you don't really need to know (but you might want to know):  We are switching from our former processor Coal Point, to Tanner's Seafoods.  Coal Point decided at the last minute that they were not able to fillet our fish.  We feel great about Tanner's Seafoods and are thankful to have found such a quality operation.  We will now be shipping UPS and not FedEx because of this change.  The only real difference this makes is that rural and non-rural shipping prices are now the same.  Your fish should be as amazing as ever and will otherwise be the same great product!

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