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Fall Migration South

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Full Truck

We're headed south today, leaving a foggy Homer, AK.  It's been a fabulous summer up here and we're a bit reluctant to leave, but look forward to our Washington adventures.  Our truck is packed to the brim with 3 freezers full of 850 pounds of Sockeye, 3 dogs weighing some 220 pounds and the two of us (plus a growing baby in the belly). We hope to be in the Methow Valley by the end of this week or the beginning of next, so Methow folks check your emails for delivery info soon.

Upon our final freezer tally we have 10 shares (at 25 pounds each) left, so let us know if you'd like more scrumptious salmon or let others know about our great fish.

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    Hi Emily Did you get my email saying that we will take another 25 pounds of your yummy salmon?

    What’s the best way to get it? Drive to Methow? Ship it to me? We could come to Methow to get it if yiu prefer.

    Let me know

    Thanks Dennis

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  • Emily Lints on

    Shipping it from Homer is what makes the best sense. All the Methow fish is spoken for. I’ll be in touch next week to set it up but will save your share! It’s a bit more expensive to ship 25 pounds ($14.95/lb) vs. 50 and more ($13.64/lb). If you find anyone else in the next week to go in on another order, let me know, otherwise we’ll stick to 25 pounds. Off we go . . .


    Hi Emily: Carolyn and I would like to buy one more share (25 pounds) of your delicious fish. How do we go about getting it? will it be shipped from Homer, or shipped from Methow? Or should we come over to Methow and get it over a weekend?

    Let me know what works best, but please put us down for another share.

    Thanks, drive safe.


  • Emily Lints on

    So glad you like it Dennis. It should be a cut above the rest!


    Emily We had some salmon on the grill last night! Delicious. I’m checking with Carolyn to see if we might take a bit more from you!!


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