New Customers Can Place Orders!

Emily Lints3 comments
photo 3 photo 4   Thanks to everyone who has placed an order!  We appreciate your business, your feedback and most of all your enthusiasm for our fish. If you're a new customer or know of someone who wants to be a new customer, we're ready for your order.  We have room for about 25 more 'for sure' orders and will keep adding people to our list after that on more of a 'wait list' basis. A few quotes from pleased customers: "Hooray - happy time of year for those of us who love your salmon!  Last year was our first year and we have been thrilled.  What we buy in the store tastes terrible by comparison." R.W. Simsbury, CT "My girls - ages 4 and 1 1/2 - love your salmon and I hope your new little one will, too.  Thank you so much for offering this!" C.W. Homer, AK "The salmon from you guys last year is/was THE BEST salmon I've ever eaten ... period, bar none ... and I've eaten a ton of it in my lifetime!!  Looking forward to the next "batch" ... and thanks again!!" S.M. Seattle, WA "The salmon we bought last year was fantastic – best we ever had!" V.W. Anchorage, AK "Looking forward to more luscious salmon!" D.G. Seattle, WA "My salmon stock is almost gone!!  We've loved your salmon all year long ... and everytime we serve it to friends they love it too." M.S. Minneapolis, MN


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Vickie Hoecherl
Vickie Hoecherl
Hi! I’ve been getting your emails and haven’t signed up yet because I way out here in Michigan and I’m just trying to figure out which salmon companies are legitimate. So sorry to question things, but you can’t be too careful these days with so much food coming from China and being repackaged. Anyway, are you listed with the Better Business Bureau in your town, or has a local newspaper done any feature stories on your operation? Again, I’m sorry to be skeptical but I’ve been diagnosed with macular degeneration and I REALLY need a salmon source that is as natural and uncontaminated as possible. Perhaps you would be so kind as to provide with with additional verification of your enterprise. Thank you, Vickie Hoecherl

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