Egegik to Nushagak to Egegik

Emily Lints
20150628_125717_resized Fishing can be a guessing game, especially in a season when everyone is still wondering where the fish are.  An original forecast for the 2015 run to be the biggest in over 20 years got everyone excited, ourselves included.  With the arrival of July and still an absence of large numbers of Sockeye Salmon returning, everyone is scratching their heads.  The test fishery index numbers have spiked to near 100, up from 10, a few times but have not held.  It's too soon to throw in the towel and all the fishermen and women are hoping for a condensed run that comes in fast and hard.  What will the next few weeks bring!?  From a biology standpoint most of the rivers are on their way to escapement goals, or the goal of how many fish the biologists want to spawn, and that's a good thing! In terms of the adventures on the F/V Northland Kyle dropped his permit card in the Nushagak district, fished a few slow days and then pulled his card to transfer back to Egegik.  He had to sit out 48 hours and will fish the next opener.  Some boats are still waiting to commit to where they are going to fish, with hope that they'll score big once more fish come.  Kyle's gamble is to transfer before the fish come . . .

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