Emily Lints

Fishing has its glamorous moments- glorious sunsets, large schools of salmon hitting your net at once, months of post-fishing down time in a good year, large halibut coming over the rail, doing something you love . . .


It also has the non-glamorous moments:


Kyle's been preparing to fish our small quota of halibut and is putting in the required non-glamorous time: loading herring chunks and salmon carcasses onto the many circle hooks.  (He gave Maggie the chance to help, but she was more interested in throwing gravel around.) 
Tonight Kyle is out laying gear with his mom (thanks Eileen!).  Kachemak Bay weather isn't perfect tonight, but they decided to go out in a little swell and a moderate breeze.  Hopes are to start picking the long-line gear tomorrow morning and re-set it with fresh bait as many times as necessary to catch our 1,000 pounds of halibut quota. 
Skiff fishing on our small scale offers plenty of adventure! We promise more glamorous pictures too, but heck you might as well know about the real, down and dirty parts of fishing too . . .
Thanks for reading.
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