Boats + Family + Alaska = FUN!

Boats + Family + Alaska = FUN!

Emily Lints

It's a dream come true to have our new boat finished and to actually have time to enjoy her!

Here are a few videos to show you her in all her glory!!








For our first over-night trip we celebrated Emily's Cinco de Mayo birthday in Seldovia, AK.  The trip was complete with a row to the head of Seldovia Bay and an impromptu violin serenade of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by our friends aboard the Milo!  (Check out their great surfing trips:


Having our roomy boat is like having a cabin across the bay that we can move to a new location for each trip.  We went to Jakalof Bay for a family, biking/skiing trip.  Although the snow was a bit sloppy it's always great to get up in the mountains!




Yay for family and yay for our new boat!!


Maggie's catch- a Rockfish!

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