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Great Season in 2016

Bristol Bay AK salmon

Kyle and the crew came back from Bristol Bay about a week ago and we're so glad to have them home!   Phew, we all made it through another season. 


2016 was a great season for us.  Lots of sockeye salmon returning to Bristol Bay and Kyle and the crew were in the right places at the right time.  This was also our first season leasing a second permit which allowed us to increase the length of our net and catch more fish.  Yay!


(A late night deck load of salmon, sorry for the poor photo but you get the idea!)

With such great returns the rivers in Bristol Bay received great escapements (number of fish returning un-caught up the river to spawn in the lakes) and great escapements mean an ongoing, sustainable fishery for the future.  We love catching fish, but the most important thing is for the fisheries to sustain FOREVER.  

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