Halibut Fishing, A Family Affair

Halibut Fishing, A Family Affair

Emily Lints

For our 2018 Halibut Season the sunshine, tides and kids temperament lined up for a great family fishing day.  A father's dream come true!


Kyle and fantastic crew member John, shipped up straight from Texas, fished two verrrry long days to catch our small quota of 1,200 pounds.  Pre-baited circle hooks of octopus and herring were attached to our long-line and then soaked on the bottom of Cook Inlet in 30-50 feet of water.


Here's a video of the day:



After a soak from anywhere of 1-10 hours the line was pulled in with our mini hydraulic pot hauler and each beautiful halibut was landed.

(oops we forgot Maggie's boots so she sported pink flip flops . . .)


Each halibut is promptly bled, gutted and iced inside and out.  We then deliver our load to Tanner's Fresh Fish processing, our small custom processor in Ninilchik, AK.  They skin, fillet and vacuum pack each scrumptious morsel before it's all ready to ship out to our great customers! 


This video here shows how larger halibut sometimes need a helping hand to get in over the gunnels of the skiff:







Maggie's catch: urchin!


F/V Skiffy and the beach drop off.

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