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Homer Halibut

halibut Homer AK

We've caught our halibut for 2016!


Kyle and our deckhand, Jake, just filled up our skiff with a lovely load of Pacific Halibut.  They laid gear on Sunday night and picked the line Monday to find these beautiful fish.


How does long lining work?  Prior to fishing we bait a whole bunch of large circle hooks with herring, salmon and octopus (the halibut's favorite!).    Each circle hook is attached with a ganion to a clip.  When out at sea we throw a buoy and drop an anchor attached to our ground line.  As the line goes out we clip on the pieces of bait, spaced out about twenty feet apart.  We lay three ground lines, each about 1,000 feet long.  The gear is allowed to soak for a short amount of time and then we return, find our buoys and pull it in.  Last year we hauled the halibut in by hand but installed a pot hauler this time to make it easier.  Most of the hooks that come up are stripped of bait and fish-less, BUT here and there you get a beautiful Pacific Halibut!  It's pretty amazing watching the large, flat, white-bottomed fish look like they are flying up to the boat from the deep blue depths.  If we haven't caught enough halibut the gear is re-baited and laid back out for a couple hours.


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