Notes from the Boat

Notes from the Boat

Emily Lints

The Crew

It's go time aboard the F/V Northland!  Phone calls home and fresh photos are nonexistent and texts short.

Here's a recap:

  • 6/28/16:  Fished two openers today for a couple thousand pounds.  Looks like similar run timing to last season (late).  The boat and crew are doing great.  We are ready for the big push, hope it comes soon!
  • 7/1/16:  SHIT!  Our reel [that hauls the salmon in] broke last night.  We shipped it out to Naknek on a tender [boat].  Shit!  A real curve ball.  Who knows how long this could take to get fixed.  Hope we don't miss out on a big day.
  • 7/2/16:  We're back in business.
  • 7/4/16:  We are soaking the net all night on a night opener.  Starting to add up.
  • 7/5/16:  We are fishing away here and had a DECK LOAD yesterday!  Pleasant fishing under pleasant skies.  

Yep, fishing is a roller coaster!

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