Grateful All Around

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Fishing is always a bit of a flurry. 
It's a flurry to catch the fish and then it's a flurry to get all of our orders out.  By now most customers are enjoying their 2015 Salmon Shares. 
As our fishing flurry slows down we take the time to sit back, eat lots of Scrumptious Sockeye Salmon, and be grateful for YOU- our great customers! We also love hearing how many of you are grateful to get your mouths on your Scrumptious Sockeye Salmon Shares.  We've received so many thank you cards, notes and emails.  Each one bolsters us to continue connecting you with some of the finest seafood available.
(a note of thanks from an anonymous customer)
We still have limited 2015 Salmon Shares available.  We are planning another Seattle/Methow drop off and are still shipping orders as well.  Contact us if you're interested!

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Ready for 2015 orders!

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It's that time of  year again . . .

Spring Corn in the Methow Spring Corn in the Methow, Toddler Style
  • time to place your 2015 order if you LOVE our salmon!
  • time to finish eating your 2014 salmon if you have any left (we just finished ours- darn!)
  • time to tell friends about Small Scales Seafoods and save $10 for every 25 pound referral!
  • time to find the last of the snow and the first of the flowers.
  The 2015 sockeye salmon forecast for Bristol Bay is the best return in over 20 years and we want to help you fill your freezers with some of best wild Alaskan Salmon out there! Click here to submit you order for a Share of Small Scales Seafood's Scrumptious Sockeye Salmon.  We run out of our Salmon Shares every year, so get your order in now.  (Ideally before May 31st for your best chance!)  We will offer a Seattle and Methow pickup option this year. For every new customer you send our way we'll take $10 off your order.  Just have them mention your name!  ($10 off for every 25 pound referral)
For all the details, including ways we're improving quality and shipping in 2015, pricing, and fall delivery information, read about our Salmon Shares.  Subscribing to our blog is a great way to get announcements about the 2015 season and your order. We hope you're well and enjoying those last scrumptious pieces of the 2014 season. Thank you, thank you, Emily, Kyle, Maggie and Ben

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Family of Four

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DSC_6791 We've been busy the last month with our new greatest project: Benjamin Harding Lints, born 10/10/14 in Brewster, WA.  Benjamin weighed 8 lbs. 10 oz and measured 21 inches at birth.  He is healthy and content and already proving to be a gentle soul.

We are so grateful!!!

We are spending the fall-spring back in the Methow Valley of WA.  We joke that the Methow is our calving ground and Alaska is our feeding ground.  Last week we bought boxes of winter storage onions and squash from a local farmer in Twisp.  The beauty and succulent taste of the onions is so incredible and so much better than what we buy at the grocery store.  Granted, we had to coordinate back and forth to arrange a pickup time and may have paid more than the non-organic, non-local store counterpart. It reminds us that buying directly from the producer is so much more rewarding in knowing who we are supporting and in the quality of the food.  We hope you feel the same about buying fish from us! We are doing our best to get back to customers but may be on a newborn sporadic schedule for a little while.  It's amazing how a little one can shake things up!  We have about 500 pounds of sockeye to sell before the end of the year and 300 pounds of halibut and will be in touch soon.  Thank you to all of you have already bought your Scrumptious Sockeye Salmon Shares this year.  We hope you are enjoying the scrumptiousness!

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Life Update

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We know that some of you follow this blog to hear about us in general, so here's a quick photo update: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA We had a great winter in Washington, where the snow conditions were not at their best but surely better than coastal Alaska's!  (yes, we tried to stop being seasonal but haven't quite figured out how to kick the habit yet . . .)  Grandma Kathy "Rah Rah" enjoyed her time with Maggie. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe had a nice Mexico get away.  The highlight for Maggie was for sure all the little dogs! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere's Maggie on one of her first fishing adventures, fishing for little Bonita by kayak.  (She still signs the story of how Mama had the fishing line tied to her toe, screamed, tried to pull the fish in and lost it!).  Did we mention we're expecting another baby this fall!! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe recently escaped from boat work for a little biking adventure in Denali National Park.  It was complete with snow most days, bears and sheep. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMaggie (now 18 months) learned how to use her very own sleeping bag! photo(1)On a more serious note, in the midst of little girls growing up and babies growing in the belly, Emily's stepdad, Dave, died this April.  It's still a shock and we miss his presence.  He was a kind, giving man who lived a full life and even helped drive your fish around last summer.  We love you Dave.

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Methow Orders Full

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*UPDATE:  Due to your excitement and our limited freezer capacity when we drive to the Methow, Methow orders are full!  New Methow orders will be added to our wait list.  If we can arrange for more freezer capacity we'll take people off of the wait list.

 Alaska and shipped orders are still available, so keep them coming!

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