Ready for 2014 Orders!

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Dear Scrumptious Sockeye Salmon Customers,
It's been a loaded spring.  We are in Homer, AK enjoying the land of the north and preparing for the upcoming salmon season.  Kyle is excited for an exciting new experience in Bristol Bay and is getting the F/V Northland ready for her new fishery.
With so many things changing it's taken awhile to figure out the details of our Scrumptious Sockeye Salmon Shares for 2014.  Here they are:
Our new partnership with Leader Creek Fisheries, our new cannery and processor in Bristol Bay, will help us improve our Salmon Shares in a number of ways:
  • We are not as limited in our ability to put up Salmon, so will be able to offer more Salmon Shares!  (Tell your friends and family and put together a group order!)
  • There will not be any bones in the Salmon!
  • We will offer Salmon Shares in either portions (5-7oz) or whole fillets this year!  (Fillets will be slightly cheaper.)
  • Each cut of Salmon will be beautifully trimmed, leaving less pieces of meat exposed to freezer burn on the edges!
  • All Salmon Shares will be barged in a freezer van to Seattle and will then ship out of Seattle instead of Alaska.  (This should simplify and shorten your fish's overnight journey to you.  If you live in Seattle we are looking into the easiest way to get fish to you.)
We are now a part of a coop of fisherman, all equally dedicated to quality.  This means that we can no longer assure that the fish we sell to you are the ones that we specifically caught.  (Your Salmon Share may include some of our fish and some fish from other boats in our coop.) We are still your connection to some of the highest quality salmon out there and can inform you of every step along the way taken to keep your fish delicious. All boats fishing for Leader Creek bleed every fish and are equipped with Refrigerated Sea Water (RSW) systems that chill the Salmon to 34 degrees immediately after coming on board.  The fish that we are able to offer you are the top "A Grade" salmon picked out of all Salmon delivered to Leader Creek, the highest quality cannery in Bristol Bay.
Important order details on Small Scales Scrumptious Sockeye Salmon Shares for 2014:
  • Shares are again offered in 25 pound increments.
  • Choose between 25 pounds of portions (5-7 oz.) or 25 pounds of fillets (half of a salmon).
    • (We are not offering mixed portion/fillet shares, unless you order 50 pounds and want one box of each.)
  • Please get your order in as soon as possible, we will still serve customers on a first come first serve basis.
    • Email us your information:
      • Name
      • Pounds Ordered of Fillets or Portions
      • Shipping Address
      • Phone
      • Email
  • All orders will be shipped overnight to your doorstep, but we will only have a set day or two that fish ships out of Seattle.
    • (This will happen once the fish arrives to the cold storage facility in Seattle and we get it all packaged and ready for you.  We except this to happen mid-August to mid-September but will give a good heads up.)
  • Payment will still be by check at the end of the season once prices are set.
    • (The Salmon market is changing a lot lately, so we can't speculate about prices yet. Last year prices were $15.20/lb for a 25 pound Salmon Share and $13.90/lb for a 50 pound share.  Fillets will be slightly cheaper.)
  • New this year, we will offer group discounts to orders of 100 pounds or more!  Combine with friends, family and neighbors for a group order.  Contact us if you'd like to know more.
Please contact us if you have any questions about our Small Scales Seafoods Scrumptious Sockeye Salmon Shares for 2014 and get your order in soon!

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New Customers Can Place Orders!

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photo 3 photo 4   Thanks to everyone who has placed an order!  We appreciate your business, your feedback and most of all your enthusiasm for our fish. If you're a new customer or know of someone who wants to be a new customer, we're ready for your order.  We have room for about 25 more 'for sure' orders and will keep adding people to our list after that on more of a 'wait list' basis. A few quotes from pleased customers: "Hooray - happy time of year for those of us who love your salmon!  Last year was our first year and we have been thrilled.  What we buy in the store tastes terrible by comparison." R.W. Simsbury, CT "My girls - ages 4 and 1 1/2 - love your salmon and I hope your new little one will, too.  Thank you so much for offering this!" C.W. Homer, AK "The salmon from you guys last year is/was THE BEST salmon I've ever eaten ... period, bar none ... and I've eaten a ton of it in my lifetime!!  Looking forward to the next "batch" ... and thanks again!!" S.M. Seattle, WA "The salmon we bought last year was fantastic – best we ever had!" V.W. Anchorage, AK "Looking forward to more luscious salmon!" D.G. Seattle, WA "My salmon stock is almost gone!!  We've loved your salmon all year long ... and everytime we serve it to friends they love it too." M.S. Minneapolis, MN

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Ready for 2013 Orders

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We're ready to take orders for 2013! _MG_4480 We're giving returning customers two weeks to get their orders in and then we'll go down our list of interested customers and reach out to new customers.  We've had a few changes in our life, having a baby and moving more full time Alaska, and are making changes in our business to reflect those changes.  This year we will only offer Scrumptious Salmon Shares two ways: shipped directly to you or picked up in Homer.  (Sorry Methow and Anchorage!). Price estimate for 2013:  $15.20/lb for a 25 pound Scrumptious Sockeye Salmon Share shipped directly to you or $13.90/lb for a 50 pound share.  $8.75/lb for a Scrumptious Sockeye Salmon Share picked up in Homer.  (The small price increase is because we expect the dock price of fish to go up a little this year.  We'll make any adjustments up or down once the fish are caught to offer the most fair and affordable price we can.)  For more information, read all the details about our Salmon Shares and how to place an Order.

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Sold Out!

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Hi Salmon Eaters, We wanted to let everyone know that we are completely sold out for 2012.  Thanks to everyone for your business and for spreading the word to help us sell all of our salmon.  Send us an email if you'd like to be put on our pre-season email list for next season. Until then, happy scrumptious salmon eating! Emily and Kyle

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Fall Migration South

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Full Truck

We're headed south today, leaving a foggy Homer, AK.  It's been a fabulous summer up here and we're a bit reluctant to leave, but look forward to our Washington adventures.  Our truck is packed to the brim with 3 freezers full of 850 pounds of Sockeye, 3 dogs weighing some 220 pounds and the two of us (plus a growing baby in the belly). We hope to be in the Methow Valley by the end of this week or the beginning of next, so Methow folks check your emails for delivery info soon.

Upon our final freezer tally we have 10 shares (at 25 pounds each) left, so let us know if you'd like more scrumptious salmon or let others know about our great fish.

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2012 Order Details

Emily Lints
The amped up flying bridge- better for fish finding.[/caption] With a few weeks of fishing under our belts the jury is still out as to if the run is coming in small or coming in late.  We're keeping our fingers crossed for late but large!  The good news is that the fish are still super beautiful and because we are still small scale we'll still surely get all of our great customers some Scrumptious Salmon! 2012 Prices: $8.50/lb for Homer pickups, $9/lb for Methow and Anchorage pickups.  $14.95/lb (salmon, packaging and shipping included) for shipped orders of 25 pounds.  $13.65/lb (salmon, packaging and shipping included) for shipped orders of 50-150 pounds. 2012 Ship/Pickup Dates:  Our shipped orders will begin shipping out July 16th.  Homer pickups will be ready starting July 23rd.  Anchorage delivery will happen on August 3rd from 5:30-7pm at REI.  Methow pickups will be available approximately August 16th-23rd.  More orders?:  We're pretty full but have friends contact us to get on our waitlist. A few small print details you don't really need to know (but you might want to know):  We are switching from our former processor Coal Point, to Tanner's Seafoods.  Coal Point decided at the last minute that they were not able to fillet our fish.  We feel great about Tanner's Seafoods and are thankful to have found such a quality operation.  We will now be shipping UPS and not FedEx because of this change.  The only real difference this makes is that rural and non-rural shipping prices are now the same.  Your fish should be as amazing as ever and will otherwise be the same great product!

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Anchorage Delivery!

Emily Lints

Ode To Our Customers

Anchorage salmon lovers,

do not fear.

We have not forgotten-

your fish is near!

Methow salmon afficionados,

you are to come.

We will venture south soon-

and bring you some.

Anchorage pickup info:

Come pick up your Scrumptious Sustainable Sockeye Salmon Shares
from Small Scales Seafoods!
When: this Friday, August 19th from 4:30-6:30pm.
             (although not preferred, appointments can be made for early the next morning or later in the evening if necessary) 
Where:  REI parking lot, Anchorage (1200 W Northern Lights Blvd)
            *Look for an older white and turquoise Ford F150 pickup truck parked in the back.
What to bring and know: Check or cash for $225 per 25 lb. share.  Each order will be packaged in a wetlock, non-insulated box.  If you have a long drive bring a cooler to put your fish into.  I will have the fish in freezers in the truck until you pick them up and will bring extra gel packs.  Each share is filleted and packaged in approximately 25 individual packages.
Questions?:  Email or call and I'll get back to you asap.

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Big Day Yesterday!

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Hi Folks, We had a fabulous day of fishing yesterday.  The fish were everywhere and we managed to catch 1,700 sockeye salmon (plus a few of other species).  It was a big day- we even picked fish in our sleep last night! We'll do a more exciting blog post soon, but just found out that there's an Emergency Opener for fishing tomorrow.  We're headed out of the harbor in a few hours. We have reached our order goal of 100.  All new orders will go on a waitlist.  We can now confirm that our prices will be the same as last season: $9/lb for Methow, Anchorage and shipped orders (+ shipping) and $8.50/lb picked up in Homer.

The fish are beautiful!

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Methow Orders Full

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*UPDATE:  Due to your excitement and our limited freezer capacity when we drive to the Methow, Methow orders are full!  New Methow orders will be added to our wait list.  If we can arrange for more freezer capacity we'll take people off of the wait list.

 Alaska and shipped orders are still available, so keep them coming!

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A New Look

Emily Lints


Thanks for following us or finding us at our new website with our new name Small Scales Seafoods!  If you weren't following us before go to: to learn about past adventures and last season.  If you were following us before, please subscribe to this new site to keep abreast of things.  We look forward to sharing our fish with you this year and also our fishing tales on this blog, our Facebook site and Twitter! We're now accepting orders for the 2011 season!  Read through the pages of this site to learn more.

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