It Happened!

Emily Lints2 comments

Just when it seemed like the fish would never come, they came!

Kyle, Jake and Jake found some darn good fishing catching thousands of pounds of sockeye salmon a day.  The fishing has been good for a number of days and the fleet has been allowed to fish two periods every 24 hours.  Last night our cannery asked all their boats to not fish because they were too plugged with fish!  Hard work and good fish have added up to make the season a good one.  You never know until it's over, but Chum (or Dog) Salmon are starting to show up along with the aforementioned straggler fish, signaling that the end is in sight.  Exhausted, the boys are ready to come home soon.  They plan to fish two more periods, put up the boat and race home to a real bed and loved ones. Meanwhile, Maggie, Ben, Emily and Grandma Kathy journeyed to Alaska and are moving into the 'round house' as Maggie calls it (aka Yurt).  We are settling in for a few months of Homer, AK living.  The 60 degree weather and daily rain is a nice break from near 100 degree and smoky conditions in the Methow Valley, WA. On the order front, we still have room for more orders!  Send your friends our way and we'll add them to our list.  Pricing information should be out soon.

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Season Preparations

Emily Lints6 comments

We're all getting ready for the upcoming season:

-Emily is tallying up everyone's orders, making her lists and checking them twice.  (Get your orders in asap to guarantee your Share of Scrumptious Sockeye Salmon!) -The munchkins are practicing their slip and slide skills on our new salmon slide.  (Once installed on the boat this slide will help every salmon gently slide from the net to the fish holds filled with chilling 34 degree water.) image(6) -Kyle recently returned from 5 furious days of pre-season boat work in Naknek, AK.  He cut a 9" hole through the bow of the Northland to install a bow thruster.  This will help maneuver the boat through swarms of boats and nets. image(7)

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