Our "New" Boat

Our "New" Boat

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Nothing But Opportunities . . .

This new year an opportunity arose for Small Scales Seafood to make a vessel up grade.  We've been tucking away a little money every year to someday get a more comfortable boat.  Currently Kyle and crew fish on a small, rebuilt 1969 Rawson.  While Kyle is able to do a great job catching salmon the creature comforts are much to be desired.  (All three guys share one large bed in the bow and are without a real toilet for almost two months!)  

Kyle has been looking at many different boat options for an upgrade, including the Homer manufacturer Bassargin Boats.  We try to keep our debts low in this gambling game of commercial fishing and were hesitant to put out the big bucks.  Then, just before Christmas, we noticed a 2015 Bassargin hull on Craigs List that had had a fire. The badly burned boat was being auctioned off by the insurance company as a totaled vessel.  One thing lead to another and we were awarded the boat after a sealed silent bid auction, sight unseen.  (Our buddies did go check it out for us- thanks guys!)


Lots of damage, lots of potential.

Kyle made a trip to Alaska to survey the boat and removed 20 yards of burn debris.  He ultimately decided to keep the hull, making arrangements for a new house and deck to be constructed by the original manufacturer.  The 700hp cat and the diesel drive refrigerated sea water generator combo will be overhauled and reused as well as many of the associated mechanical items.  We are now making plans to finish off the boat in time for the 2018 season!


The main being lifted out to be rebuilt.

Now that you have seen pictures after the fire we want to share with you a video from when the boat was new.  Maybe then you'll understand where we're headed! 


Obviously we have a long way to go bring her back to a ready to fish condition but Kyle is excited about the work and the potential savings are huge!  We're considering re-christening the boat the Phoenix,  after the bird that rises from the ashes to fly again.

And what does this rebuild mean for our family?  A full year in Homer, AK living in our yurt.  After that we'll see where the seas take us. 


Rosalee de la Foret
Rosalee de la Foret
So exciting! I am sad to hear you’ll be leaving us for so long, but very excited for your new opportunities. I have no doubt that Kyle and helpers will create a beautiful boat from the ashes!
Virginia A Hoffman
Virginia A Hoffman
Looks like a great project. Know that you will restore her to her previous glory. Enjoy and wishing you a great season ahead. Love, Ginny

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