Pan Fried Hooligan

Emily Lints

Pan Friend Hooligan (aka Smelt)

Our favorite way to cook Hooligan is to pan fry them like you would a trout. Give this a try:

-Thaw 1 pack of whole Hooligan

-Cut the heads off and cut along the abdomen to remove the guts. (You can also leave them whole and eat around the row and milt after cooking.) -Rinse the fish in cold water, drain

-Dredge in flour or your favorite panko

-Heat a skillet with 1/4” of any high temperature oil (avocado, coconut, vegetable) until its sizzling. -Fry the fish on each side over medium heat until golden brown, about a minute per side. The flesh should flake with a fork when done. The cooked fillets are easily lifted off half the fish and the backbone pulls out as one piece.





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