Mullen Family Traditional Salmon

Mullen Family Traditional Salmon

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We often cook our sockeye salmon the same, generation after generation, the time-tested way around our house.  It's the way Gigi (great Grandma Marge) still cooks her salmon by the banks of the Kenai River and the way Kyle's late Uncle Frank prepared his salmon at fish camp overlooking Cook Inlet.  It's delicious, simple and really lets the natural flavor of the salmon shine through.  

We'll start with this recipe as a good old stand in and then expand to new and exciting recipes as this blog goes on.  

Here it is:

  1. Mix one part olive oil with one part soy sauce in a large plastic bag.  About 1/2 a cup of each will do.
  2. Grate a large piece of fresh ginger and mince about five cloves of garlic.  Add to the marinade bag.  You can adjust the garlic and ginger up or down depending on your preference- we love LOTS!
  3. Cut your Small Scales Seafood Scrumptious Sockeye Salmon into small portions and add to the marinade.  Depending on time available and desired saturation, marinate for anywhere from 30 mins to overnight.
  4. Grill your salmon starting flesh down for about 3 minutes and then turn to skin down until the rich white fat begins to appear and the salmon just barely flakes with a fork, about 3 minutes.  Or, cook in a similar way in a skillet on your stovetop.  Start skin down for a few minutes and then place under the broiler for a few more minutes to finish the top and toast the spices.  
**Avoid overcooking your salmon!  Remember that salmon makes great raw sushi, so there's no need to overcook it.  Once you remove it from the grill or stove it will finish cooking the last little bit and be just right.

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