$ 353.00

Please read our Shipping Details to make sure you will be able to receive your package when it arrives.  If you are placing a Bulk Buying Club order please read these details.


This Ocean Share contains everything we catch!  You get Sockeye Salmon, Smoked Sockeye Salmon, Pacific Halibut, Sablefish and a small sampling of Hooligan.  Portioned and boneless, Sockeye Salmon portions average 6-8 oz. each and Halibut portions average 10 oz. each.  Sablefish (aka Black Cod) portions average 10 oz. and have some bones.  Hooligan come headed and gutted in 8 oz. packages with approximately 8-10 fish per package. 

We catch this PRE-ORDER over the summer and ship it to you in early September, as opposed to our seafood that SHIPS NOW.


What's in Each Box: 

  • Half Share (12 lb.): 6.5 lb. sockeye salmon, 1 lb. smoked salmon, 2 lb. halibut, 2 lb. sablefish, .5 lb. hooligan
  • Full Share (24 lb.): 13 lb. sockeye salmon, 2 lb. smoked salmon, 4 lb. halibut, 4 lb. sablefish, 1 lb. hooligan
  • Large Share (36 lb.): 18 lb. sockeye salmon, 4 lb. smoked salmon, 6 lb. halibut, 6 lb. sablefish, 2 lb. hooligan
  • Buying Club (110 lb.): 58 lb. sockeye salmon, 8 lb. smoked salmon, 20 lb. halibut, 20 lb. sable, 4 lb. hooligan


All of the seafood in your Ocean Share is wild, sustainable and caught by us!  This is as good as it gets!  Buy now and enjoy a year's worth of seafood that is rich in taste and packed full of Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D.