$ 421.00

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This Smoked Sockeye Salmon order consists of all portions.  Each portion of smoked salmon averages 4-8 oz.  There is nothing tastier or easier than this fully cooked smoked salmon.  Simply thaw each piece and it's ready to devour!

We catch this PRE-ORDER over the summer and ship it to you in September or October depending on the fishing season, as opposed to our seafood that SHIPS NOW.

Our Smoked Sockeye Salmon is smoked over local Alaskan Alder to give you a truly scrumptious snack.  Each piece is vacuum packed and frozen after smoking to preserve the great flavor.  Simply thaw each piece and it's ready to devour! 

To make our Smoked Sockeye Salmon we start with our wild and sustainable salmon that is bled, filleted and deboned of pin bones.  Your salmon is the “A Grade” fish picked off the top of the whole run.  

Buy now and enjoy the healthiest and tastiest snack on earth.  Smoked salmon is also amazing in pasta dishes, salads and dips.