Bulk Buying Club: a group of seafood lovers coming together and placing an order for 140 pounds or more of our Scrumptious Seafood Shares all shipped to the same address.

A Buying Club allows friends, colleagues or neighbors to come together and get our best possible bulk pricing.  Your Buying Club places and pays for one bulk order.

To Place a Bulk Buying Club Order:  Simply select what you'd like to order and then under Box Size scroll down to the bottom.  You'll find Bulk Buying Club: 140 lbs. SAVE 27%.

***While Bulk Buying Clubs offer our best prices they do create some hassle in having to receive 140 pounds of scrumptious seafood at once and coordinate your group.  Realize that if shipping delays do occur you must deal with your group to make necessary adjustments.  You decide if the Bulk Buying Club deal is better for you, or if a couple Group Shares of 48 pounds shipped to multiple addresses is easier.*** 

If you want to add more seafood to your group order later, or if you would like a specific seafood combination that is not offered, please contact us.  Make sure to let us know how many pounds of each fish you would like and we will send you a custom invoice.

We offer 140 lb. Bulk Buying Clubs in the following products: