Wild, Sustainable, Alaskan Seafood Shares:
from our Family to yours.

Why Small Scales Seafood?

Buying from a small scale operation means you know where your salmon, halibut, sablefish and hooligan come from.  You know how your seafood is treated every step of the way, from the ocean to your plate.  You know your purchase directly supports a fishing family and is caught from a sustainable fishery.

We hope you LOVE the seafood WE catch for YOU!  

Emily, Kyle, Maggie and Ben 







GIVING BACK:  We donate 1% to organizations that promote the health and sustainability of the fisheries that our family and so many other families depend upon.  Visit our partners: Alaska Marine Conservation Council and Cook Inletkeeper.

Photos on Website Courtesy of Small Scales Seafood, Alaska Seafood and Tom Forker