Pacific Halibut
Hippoglossus Stenolepis

Your halibut comes from Kachemak Bay in South Central Alaska.  The port town of Homer, Alaska is named the "Halibut Fishing Capital of the World."  This halibut is the real thing!  We catch your halibut with long-line gear by setting a long line of circle hooks on the ocean floor.  Fishing in an open skiff, we haul in each fish with a pot hauler from relatively shallow depths to produce a fresh, top quality, low carbon input product.  Your halibut is dressed at sea, and promptly iced and then filleted, skinned, portioned and vacuum packed back on shore.  Flaky white flesh and very mild taste makes this a favorite among chefs in the finest of restaurants.  

These flat fish spend the first year of their life in the middle of the water column until one eye migrates (!) around their forehead and then they live primarily on the ocean floor.  We have a small amount of individual fishing quota (IFQ), a system which allows the National Marine Fisheries Service and the North Pacific Halibut Council to carefully manage the halibut stocks.  Each year they determine the percentage of our quota that we are allowed to catch based on the health and abundance of halibut in our region  This has varied from 60-130% over the past ten years to ensure the longterm sustainability of the fishery.