Are you wondering what others have to say about Small Scales Seafood's Scrumptious Seafood?  Wondering why kids and vegetarians alike declare they'll only eat our seafood!?

"We absolutely love receiving sustainably caught, quickly frozen salmon and rockfish from a family-run business. We’ve ordered from Small Scales Seafood for many years and it’s the absolute best tasting fish we buy."

Andy Friedland, Professor of Environmental Studies at Dartmouth College


"I love Small Scales Seafood!  The salmon is carefully handled, each piece is entirely free of bones with a beautiful piece of skin on each piece.  Most importantly the deep freeze handling process they utilize ensures that each piece tastes like it just jumped out of the ocean. Small Scales salmon is my go-to when I have company over." 
Margot Roth L’Heureux, Retired Global Director Risk Management Whole Foods Market


"I believe that what you eat is fundamental to good health.  I am always seeking out the highest possible quality at a reasonable price that in turn helps sustain small farmers.  Last year I tried a direct-to-you small fish supplier from Alaska for salmon.  I was so blown away by the difference in taste that this year I pre-ordered a larger variety pack.  My kids who 'hated salmon' now admit they will ONLY eat this salmon."

Pam Gould of Earth Mama Remedies, Atlanta, GA


"Deeply grateful for the privilege to purchase such stellar sustenance, and for the unfathomable work behind it.  Thank you for providing such exceptional food."  

Kendall Craig, Masonville, NY


"The quality of the fish from Small Scales is excellent, and we like having it handy in our freezer. We love buying directly from the fishermen and Emily is easy to communicate with. We are looking forward to another shipment this year!"
Carl & Mary McCuaig, South Woodstock, VT


"Knowing where our food is coming from and supporting the families who produce it is very important to us.  Getting our fish from Small Scales Seafood has been an excellent way to do that!  Emily is fantastic to work with and the shipments have always arrived in perfect condition: frozen solid and super clean.  We bought our first share because we wanted to support a small, sustainable fishery.  Now we keep buying every year because the flavor is unmatched and Small Scales is so easy to work with!"

Heidi Daigler, Redmond, WA


"We buy from Small Scales Seafood every year. It’s good food from a good place. We don’t have to think about it or plan it — it’s always there, and it's always better than what’s in the supermarket. When people come over, you put salmon on the grill and it’s a special meal."

John Carey and Lisa Baldez, Professors of Government at Dartmouth College


"I'm so glad to have your delicious salmon, halibut and cod and know that I'm not paying lots of middle-men in the process; that you all who do the hard work of catching it are getting a fair price for it.  Plus it's way better than what I'd buy in the grocery store!  My friends and I get together for a group order and I also love sending a special shipment to my son's college dorm."  

Marie Kelly, Narberth, PA


"We have now ordered salmon three times from Small Scales Seafood and love it each time we eat it!  It is very special to "know" where your salmon comes from and to help a small business prosper and grow!  So much better than buying it from an unknown source from Costco!"

Melanie Fallon, Elfin Forest, CA


"The salmon is always a treat to eat, and I cannot tell you how many times I have had guests say “I don’t usually care for salmon, but this is very good.”  I grew up fishing off the Oregon coast, and have eaten lots of salmon in my life but the salmon we get from you has more flavor than that which I have caught, no matter how quickly it is cooked after returning to shore.  Emily and family always include a newsy letter with each shipment, so it is like being connected to extended family who happen to ship great tasting fish as well!  One of the main reasons we keep ordering from Small Scales Seafood is they make this so easy; it's always shipped in superb containers and the fish is still frozen solid when it is unpacked after delivery."

Roger Bascue, Eugene, OR


"We've visited Alaska just once but will always remember the great seafood there.  Your fish brings that memory back every time.  Add in that we know it's being fished sustainably by great people, and shopping from Small Scales is a no-brainer!"

Peter and Ruth Ann Woodley, Simsbury, CT


"At the recommendation of friends, my husband, parents and I split an order of salmon and halibut last May.  I can't tell you how much we have enjoyed this fresh seafood!  It comes frozen, and individually portioned so it's easy to manage, and one piece of halibut filet fed minimum of 2 people!  I have cured some of the salmon for bagels and cream cheese, grilled on cedar planks, roasted in the oven, made salmon and spinach pasta, etc.!  I have pan seared the halibut and made a lemon buerre blanc, grilled over a campfire, and tonight I am making fish tacos!  Emily has been so easy to work with, and we feel good supporting a small fishery.  We have already put in our order for this year.  Order now....You will not be disappointed!"

Jessica Clearwater, Blowing Rock, NC


"This is the third year we've ordered fish from Emily and crew. We try something different each year. Everything has been great, including the customer service. Knowing where our food comes from is important to us."

Williams family, Waverly, NY