Kyle Lints, your captain: 

A third generation Alaskan, Kyle started his commercial fishing career at 6 years old.  Fishing is in his blood – both of his parents ran fishing boats in Alaska and he was born on a great day of commercial fishing in Cook Inlet.  Fishing is both his passion and his livelihood.  In the off season Kyle fine tunes our fishing boats, plays with his family and dreams of how to make our home and cars net zero.     


Emily Lints, your fish purveyor:

Emily's passion for connecting customers and food producers began in her hometown of Winthrop, WA in fourth grade when she started raising pigs and selling them to friends and family.  She fished with Kyle for five years before the munchkins arrived and is thankful to know the highs and lows of commercial fishing first hand.  Emily, a Dartmouth College graduate, enjoys chasing her kiddos around the house, in the snow and on beaches and teaching Cross Country Skiing.


Maggie and Ben Lints, your deckhands in training: 

Maggie and Ben's current training regimen consists of eating many meals of wild, Alaskan seafood rich in healthy omega-3s, learning to blow bubbles in the bathtub and building to-scale fishing boats out of their blocks.  Maggie especially loves practicing acrobatic tricks on her swinging rings  and Ben especially loves petting cows and going to "boat school" with his poppa.