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Hooligan is a tasty little fish with a mild flavor and extremely high oil content.  Hooligan, also known as Smelt, is the "Sardine of Alaska."  UPDATE:  Hooligan will again come to you as whole fish, frozen and vacuum packed. Each package averages 14-18oz and approximately 7-10 hooligan.  We recommend thawing the package of fish and then heading and gutting them prior to cooking.  

We catch this PRE-ORDER over the summer and ship it to you in September or October depending on the fishing season, as opposed to our seafood that SHIPS NOW.

We catch this Hooligan in Cook Inlet, AK by hand with a dip-net!  The beautiful fish are immediately chilled to 34 degrees in refrigerated seawater.  A popular recipe with high end chefs is to head and gut the Hooligan and then bread and pan fry them, similar to how you would cook a trout.

    Buy now and enjoy a year's worth of seafood that is firm in texture, rich in taste and packed full of Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D.