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Hooligan is a tasty little fish with a mild flavor and extremely high oil content.  Hooligan, also known as Smelt, is the "Sardine of Alaska."  UPDATE:  Hooligan will again come to you as whole fish, frozen and vacuum packed. Each package averages 14-16oz and approximately 8-10 hooligan.  We recommend thawing the package of fish and then heading and gutting them prior to cooking.  

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We catch this Hooligan in Cook Inlet, AK by hand with a dip-net!  The beautiful fish are immediately chilled to 34 degrees in refrigerated seawater.  A popular recipe with high end chefs is to head and gut the Hooligan and then bread and pan fry them, similar to how you would cook a trout.

    Buy now and enjoy a year's worth of seafood that is firm in texture, rich in taste and packed full of Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D.