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This Ocean Share contains everything we offer!  You get Sockeye Salmon, Smoked Sockeye Salmon, Pacific Halibut Alaskan Rockfish and Pacific Cod.  All of the seafood in your Ocean Share is portioned and boneless.  Portions are smaller cuts of a fillet.  The Sockeye Salmon portions average 6-8 oz. each and the whitefish portions average 12 oz. each.  

We catch this PRE-ORDER over the summer and ship it to you in early September, as opposed to our seafood that SHIPS NOW.


What's in Each Box: 

  • Half Share (12 lb.): 5 lb. salmon, 1 lb. smoked salmon, 2 lb. halibut, 2 lb. rockfish, 2 lb. cod
  • Full Share (24 lb.): 10 lb. salmon, 2 lb. smoked salmon, 4 lb. halibut, 4 lb. rockfish, 4 lb. cod
  • Large Share (36 lb.): 15 lb. salmon, 3 lb. smoked salmon, 6 lb. halibut, 6 lb. rockfish, 6 lb. cod
  • Group Share (48 lb.): 20 lb. salmon, 4 lb. smoked salmon, 8 lb. halibut, 8 lb. rockfish, 8 lb. cod 
  • Buying Club (140 lb.):  60 lb. salmon, 8 lb. smoked salmon, 24 lb. halibut, 24 lb. rockfish, 24 lb. cod 

Wild and sustainable, all of the seafood in your Ocean Share is bled, filleted, de-boned, portioned, vacuum packed and flash frozen.  This is as good as it gets!  We catch the salmon and halibut to ensure excellence and source the cod and rockfish from the best possible sources.

Buy now and enjoy a year's worth of seafood that is firm in texture, rich in taste and packed full of Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D.