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This Sablefish Share consists of oh-so delicious 6-12oz. portions.  Sablefish is also known as Black Cod, or Butterfish and is the most melt in your mouth seafood out there!

This order SHIPS NOW, as opposed to our PRE-ORDERS.  We continue to sell this great seafood while supplies last.

Your Sablefish is caught BY US on the F/V Maggie B. in coastal waters  . . . .  The Sablefish is caught on long-line gear from a sustainably managed quota fishery.  It is bled and submerged in 34 degree refrigerated sea water and then filleted, portioned and vacuum packed.  (Some bones will exist in each portion.)  You've got to try Sablefish!

Buy now and enjoy a year's worth of sablefish that is luscious, rich and mouth watering.  Sablefish is a white fish that flakes into tender morsels packed full of Omega-3 fatty acids!