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  • Wild Alaskan Spotted Shrimp
  • Caught Fresh in Alaska
  • 100% Wild and Natural
  • Sustainably Harvested from Whittier Alaska
  • Flash Frozen to Preserve Freshness, Flavor, and Nutrients
  • 20-30 Spot Shrimp Per pound
  • Shrimp may contain eggs (Fall Shrimp have more eggs than spring shrimp) Eggs are edible if desired, The shrimp eggs do not change taste or quality just their looks.

Harvested in the ice-cold waters of Prince William Sound our Alaskan spot shrimp are sought after for their clean, sweet taste and firm texture. Our shrimp are perfect for a garlic linguine dish or try battering and deep-frying them with our Gourmet Alaska batter, available in 4 flavors. 20-30 Shrimp per pound. Wild Alaskan Spot Shrimp tend to have many eggs attached to them depending on their harvest time. (With every order you may get eggs or you may not we don't guarantee it either way).


We're excited to partner with Tanners Seafood to offer Spot Shrimp caught aboard their boat in Prince William Sound, AK.  They strive to the same Scrumptious Seafood Standards you're used to.  There is NOT any comparable shrimp you can buy in the store!      

We catch this PRE-ORDER over the summer and ship it to you in September or October depending on the fishing season, as opposed to our seafood that SHIPS NOW.


    Buy now and enjoy a year's worth of seafood that is firm in texture, rich in taste and packed full of Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D.